Saturday, January 14, 2017

I was asked not long ago why I don't blog.
I had lots of reason but none of them were really a good reason. I have lots of things going on
in my life but who doesn't . 

I'm taking care of my Mom who has Dementia and I have moved in her home to take care of her.
My husband and I  moved in about six months ago and left our home to take care of Mom. Mom has
no idea where she is half the time.

Here goes my blog and daily happenings of  being the caretaker of a parent. It's 2.30Am and Mom is up walking around the house.  I have given her popcorn, and some Chocolate covered Almonds as a snack ( I guess this is why I'm gaining weight.) I just gave her half a Adavan to help her calm down and hopefully go to sleep. The last 3 nights she has been up in the middle of the night.

How can the drugs Adavan , Trajenta , melatonin , gabapentin,  citalopram , and a liquid ris-per-done
because she doesn't want to take a pill no more and the liquid helps. Now the mind and body changes and these drugs don't make her sleep but a few hours.

I have a listing appointment tomorrow so I will have a sitter come in a sit with Mom.
A few hours away tomorrow on my own.

Sleep now till my husband gets up at 5 to go to work.

Have a good day.

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