Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A New Day

I think it's going to rain most of the day today. When it rains it makes Mom  a little more depressed just looking out. I'm thankful for the warm weather out side the last few days it was nice to watch Mom  in the Swing and  outside . Mom always loved the outdoors she loved to mow and work in her flowers. I was able to give her a bath yesterday. Funny we take a daily bath sometimes two and Mom takes about one a week. The water hurts her and she cant's stand the water warm it has to be cold almost.
This year my husband hopes to retire no date set yet. but I'm looking forward to it.
Tim's going to help me with my Real Estate business and visit Waffle House a lot I think.
Mom is sleeping late so I'm going to go enjoy a little privacy and take a shower.
Have a good day.

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